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hello, i'm sunshine.

Oh, look, I took a shower. There's a picture of me making use of a hair dryer.  

I was so in love with photography when I started. My inspirations were Robert Frank and Irving Penn. But as I was getting out of school for photography, I was also starting a family.

My passion became my job to help support my family. And that's OK, right? We're told we're supposed to do the work we love to do.


However, that's a load of crap. Because if you are working 7 days a week like I was on something that something is going to become a slog at some point. Even if you love it.

So that day came when my passion dropped dead as a door nail. I was burnt out.

hello, i'm sunshine. 

photographer. mama of 3 from toddler to teen.

I set out on a journey after this happened to me, and I have spent the last four years developing a process that aligns your inner self with your business. Aligning the inner with your outer representation.

I believe that the pictures you share of yourself are a key ingredient in creating a richer and more sustainable business, and therefore a better life experience all around. Burn out insurance.

This work is one of self discovery. 

Because how do you get ready for a photo shoot in such a way that is truly potent? Potent meaning true to who you really are, and magnetizing the life of your dreams to you?

My process is working! I am doing it and my clients are doing it. We have magnetized our dream clients and love the shit out of our work everyday because of it. 

Something more than your craft emerges when you do this work. Something that sustains you long term. It's a magic sauce. It's the life well lived. It's alignment.


so, what's changed?


Everything in my business has changed. Now I am not just a photographer; I facilitate transformation. That is what sets my work apart.


I've become singularly focused on the process of your becoming, as you step out of doing business solely to make money and become the more aligned version of you experiencing the extraordinary version of your business that you dreamed could emerge.

I will help you to become your own strategist. That is essential to this work. It is the determining factor in truly moving the needle. Owning the knowledge of your brand is Knowing Thyself. And from there you are unstoppable.

I invite you along for the ride of your becoming.

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Before I was a photographer, I worked in the movie business. I loved it. And I love Los Angeles. I worked with and for the Hollywood elite. I met my husband during this period of my life.



My friends mean the world to me. On any given day I talk to multiple friends. Good friends are essential to my sanity. I talk to my biz BFF everyday. She's a psychic, medium, and healer. If you need one, let me know :)


The Woo

I meditate. Stuff happens. It's my jam. I don't make a big deal out of my experiences with the world at large. I love to work with spiritually oriented women because of this alignment.




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