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Transcend is a workshop and retreat for entreprenuers following their soul path to craft the foundation of your personal brand. as within, so without...

As you become your brand it requires you to align the inner and the outer. Within this journey what is discovered is that deeper than your business and deeper than your brand, is an encounter with your truest self.





Online Workshop

Group Program


Transcend begins BEFORE the retreat through the self-paced online workshop, Awaken Your Brand. In the workshop you will lay the foundation of your personal brand with the AYB Personal Branding Formula and conceptualize your branding portrait ideas. This prep work prepares you for the retreat.

During the online workshop you will review all of what you learned live, with my help. And, you will get to know your Mastermind sisters who you will meet in person at Transcend. For three exciting weeks you will dive into the material with daily coaching devoted to your breakthrough. The group atmosphere with like-minded entrepreneurs will encourage, support, and provide a witness your transformation. It is fun, supportive, generative and takes things to the next level. 

During the workshop participants are regularly surprised at how deep this work goes. Regularly, new offerings are born, complete rebranding spontaneously occurs, joyful delight is commonplace. Breakthroughs guaranteed, sisters!

Online / Before the retreat

+Week 1: We'll hash out the elements of your personal brand. It's liquid gold time.

+Week 2: Get clear on your visual language and develop your shot list. Brainstorm heaven!

+Week 3: You will learn how to DIY branding portraits and how to lead any photographer in a successful shoot.

+Weekly check in Zoom sessions, Fridays at 11am EST

It's important to engage in the online version before the retreat because your discoveries need time to marinate. When you arrive at the retreat you will RE-learn the material. We will go over your ideas TOGETHER. This allows you to really dig into your brand transformation within a long timeline and get you to a more fulfilling end.


TBA 2019

It all comes together at the retreat. Right before your eyes you'll take all your homework from the online workshop and we'll bring your vision to life. The concepts you learned will take on new dimension in a room together with your mastermind sisters, capatalizing on the magical energy and brainpower of each other. We'll commune about your brand and further develop your shot list together.

PARTNER SHOOTS: There will be photos! We'll do partner shoots, which I will attend and guide so you can feel confident that when you go home you can DIY your own images with ease. Don't worry about bringing fancy equipment. Your phone or whatever you normally use is perfect. This isn't a class on how to operate a camera, but you WILL learn how to be a better photographer.

SOUL PORTRAITS: You'll also have a professional photoshoot. Not only will you have professional portraits, but I will be able to show you first hand how to communicate your brand with your photographer so you can have informed shoots in the future.

SOUL WORK: Special guests will facilitate a deep journey into the soul work necessary to become your brand, visioning and uncovering blocks. These sessions will be interwoven into each day. 

The essence of Trascend is the energy we'll create together; a group of incredibly kind, compassionate, whip-smart entrepreneurs on a mission to change the world through your work.


During this unique adventure you will...

  Develop your personal brand

  Mastermind with other passionate soulpreneurs

  Deep soul work

  Branding portraits

  Step away to relax and unwind 

What's Included



Complete the AYB workshop online a few weeks before Transcend for maximum success. We will work with the material you completed during the retreat.    



One-on-one consultation to prep you for the retreat, as well as group prep training sessions.



You will have a professional photo shoot at Transcend. Makeup + Hair provided. Within two weeks of the retreat your professional portraits will be delivered to you via Dropbox.



Oh Sister! There's nothing like real bonding and friendship with women you adore. We will meet once a week for the 4 weeks leading up to the retreat. 



Meals will be provided at the retreat. 



Experts will be on-sight to guide soul level sessions. Transcend is right for you if you are comfortable with healing work. Transcend is not for someoene with a mental illness that deep work may trigger.



Arrival. Dinner + mingling. Healing session bonfire.


AYB workshop training. Lunch. Partner photo shoots. Dinner. Healing session.


Professional Photo shoots. Lunch. Free time. Dinner. Out on the town.


AYB workshop training. Healing session. Lunch. Departure.

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I am an award winning photographer, in business for 15 years photographing portraits, photojournalism and events.



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