choosing your soul path

When your business is the container for your becoming...

Some entrepreneurs begin their business journey solely for the pursuit of earning a living. They hustle hard, learn the tricks of the trade and grow a dollar relentlessly. 

But then there are the others who are using the container of their business to experience their becoming. Your soul path. Pursuing your purpose.

Instead of dollars multiplying rapidly and relentlessly, those on their soul path view it as an energetic exchange for your service. You can feel what your work is valued at because of the physical feeling you receive if you are underpaid, or become depressed over time if no one is hiring you to provide your soul's work to them. It is devastating.



Your soul's work is calling you to a more spiritually aligned center point that you have felt calling you for so long. Let's explore your UNBRANDING.

welcome to the exclusive soul circle

In the Exclusive Soul Circle, we will nourish your brand, your business, and your soul. Because, for us, we know they are all one.


Weaving them together is the secret to sustaining your business for the long term.

The reason Soul Circle is exclusive is because not everyone is ready for, or understands, this journey.


This is a safe container for your becoming. It is a place of reverence. It is a place to connect with soul sisters.


It is highly protected to uphold these intentions...exclusive. 

It is not for everyone, but if you are of like mind, I invite you into this incredible space. Magic is at hand. 

why branding portraits

It's time to pursue your higher purpose. I know you are are already pursuing it, or you wouldn't be here. But what I mean is manifest it into being. Turn the formless into form. Really get after it.


I also know that you wouldn't be reading this far if you'd already achieved it and could see, feel, and know your purpose was walking you through this world right now.

Yes, we are going to do this with the power of branding portraits.

I know, right? This surprised me, as well. That my purpose is being channeled through in this way has taken me an age to sort out for myself. I am beyond grateful to be here with you. 


With intention in your branding portraits, you will manifest your purpose into being.

before pictures....

Before getting to your branding portraits a lot has to transpire. Namely, the container for your becoming needs to develop.

Let's back up.


If you opened your business ready to serve anyone, anyone will appear. Anyone and everyone. Yes, you've helped some amazing people but you've helped some doozies. 

It's a learning process. But the "learning" in this case really means aligning.

Misaligned clients can drain your life force drastically, even to the point that you lock and seize if it goes on too long. That happened to me. It was 10 years in, and I didn't realize what was happening. It's taken me quite awhile to unwind it all.


Having some branding portraits on your website won't solve this.


But, on the other hand, if you have created an airtight container for your becoming and know who you are, your branding portraits can and will manifest your dream clients to you. ='s your dream business. ='s a hell of a dream life.


The effort and the focus will be on shedding and evolving to let your business reflect your personal growth, your upleveled awareness, your on-fire connection to your soul.

When you are flying high in this space, you have just created a brand. Your Brand. And that is the when you should have branding portraits taken.


You may not have realized you needed a brand to be a business. I am telling do. 


That is because you are a seeker like me. You are driven not by dollars but by the relentless pursuit of your passion and your purpose. The dividends you seek are the transformative experiences of your clients, as you are transformed along with them.

i can't wait to get to know you in the exclusive soul circle


The Exclusive

Soul Circle

hi, nice to meet you. i'm sunshine.

I had been running a successful photography business for 10 years before I "got started." I start my story 10 years in because I had burned out, badly, and this drastic ending was actually my beginning.


Yes, you can run a business without branding or portraits, like I did all those years. But, listen on to why that's bad idea...

I ran out of fuel after those 10 years. I could not function in a rather literal way. I had a gallery of portraits to deliver to a client. The images were post-processed and ready to go. But it took me three months to push send on the email and deliver the images to her. 

I can't explain it, but I define it as Burn Out. I pushed myself and pushed myself until finally one day I sort of just keeled over (business) dead.

I closed my business after this client.

I closed Jessica Sunshine Photography. I went on a walk-about. I became the in-house photographer at a non-profit for the next two years. I traveled the world. But even this break didn't revive my previous connection to my work.


I took stock of what my next step should be.

Jessica Sunshine Creative was born. I turned my focus into branding portraits and helping other creatives avoid burn out syndrome by approaching their business with intention to attract aligned clients...


...instead of being open to serve anyone and letting misaligned clients drain your life force.

We all begin our business in a somewhat frenzied state. We hang out our sign and become thrilled beyond words when we get hired. Once this survival state is achieved, and we ALL go through this proving stage, it becomes essential to have intention in your business. 

And that is called branding.

Some of you genius whizzes got this from day one. If that's you, thanks for reading my little life story here, le sigh.

Let me tell the result of intention and branding. My business is chock full of aligned clients now. 

  • My work feels like hanging out with friends.

  • My work doesn't feel like work. It feels like joy.

I didn't open Jessica Sunshine Creative and know this would happen. This has been an experiment that I HAD TO embark on. It worked.

It will for you, too. 

what is soul circle?

Your business isn't just a business. It's your soul's work. It's your life purpose. It's your calling. 


But, most people start a business destined for failure and don't even know it. There is a ton of wasted time on misaligned efforts and misaligned clients.


The Exclusive Soul Circle was created to help you understand why this happens, and how to avoid it.


It's done by honoring yourself before anything else.

What does this have to do with visual branding? Well, bluntly, everything! As a photographer, I get directly to the heart of the matter when you approach me for a photoshoot. Those pesky issues...

"Who am I?"

"What's my look?"

"How do I attract clients with photos?"

In my career, I started out solely interested in making stunning imagery. Then I realized I loved talking business with other extraordinary women. Then I finally saw the real purpose of my work. It has taken me nearly 15 years to bring Soul Circle to you.

Soul Circle exists to INCUBATE your WILDEST DREAMS. It is a place to *really* get to know like-minded women who share this same journey. We will lift you up, hold you accountable, witness your evolution and celebrate with you. 

Soul Circle is an incubator for your wildest dreams. Within this safe container... 

  • You will learn new ways to hear and honor your inner voice

  • Express your <wildest> dreams without judgement

  • Allow your <wild> dreams space and time to bud and flourish

  • Shed what is out of alignment with your brand or business

  • Learn how your business is a container for your becoming 

As a member of SOUL CIRCLE you will receive...

  • The VIBE YOUR TRIBE Mini Course

  • Membership in the closed Soul Circle online group

  • Exclusive email updates

  • Soul Circle benefits and discounts for JSC courses

  • Exclusive partner events and content

  • Exclusive information not yet available for the public


How much does it cost to belong to the Exclusive Soul Circle?

There is no cost to join SOUL CIRCLE. It is completely free. 

How do I sign up?


All you have to do is sign up by entering your email address. 


I share everything to help you create and sustain a business you love delivered to your inbox so you'll always feel supported.


Simply enter your email below and click "Join Now."

Into The Wild Session

Let's explore your wild soul. We will talk for several one on one sessions to explore the language and longings of your wildest dreams. And then we will bring that dream to life in a one of a kind portrait session. This is a package of exploratory sessions and a photo shoot.

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