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The 3 Mistakes

Don't make these three mistakes when planning your brand...

Getting your business started is a different animal altogether than getting your brand started. Your business is the service or product you provide and all the logistics of providing it.

Your brand is the experience of your business: how you make your customers feel, how you become memorable, and will hopefully help you generate word of mouth.

Let me quickly share the top 3 mistakes I've seen my clients make when getting started with their branding.

First, don't expect that your brand will be a finished product on your first attempt. Your brand is a discovery process. You will set it up with your initial ideas but with feedback and tweaking it will develop and grow.

Your brand is a like a high-schooler. You begin as a freshman full of hopes and expectations. You express yourself uniquely. But as we all know, who you are a freshman compared to a senior is a whole different game. So will be your experience as a brand. Embrace the process.

Second, don't automatically expect your branding photographer will nail your brand in a photoshoot. Rather, your photographer needs to be guided. You are the only one that understands your brand, especially in the beginning. Don't show up to your shoot and expect the photographer will have a vision for your brand. She will not - unless that is - you tell it to her.

(I've actually created a workshop to help you do just that FYI. It's over HERE.)

Third, your brand is not just a logo, matching fonts and a cohesive color scheme. Your brand is a total experience that you are expected to lead your followers through. You will gently educate as to how to experience you, your business and your brand. This is how you create a distinctive, memorable and impactful brand. Hop into my workshop for help with this, too.



I can't wait to hear all about how your business is setting out to become a brand. Send me an email at hello@jessicasunshinecreative.com.



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