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Announcing Jessica Sunshine Creative

For the past few years, my business has been in flux, as I have been in flux. I'll tell you the whole story. But, for those that have been with me on my most recent leg of my journey, I am happy to announce the rebrand...


Jessica Sunshine Creative is the parent brand of the different programs I offer. You can check it all out at www.jessicasunshinecreative.com

Here are the programs that you already know and some you will learn more about soon...

Jessica Sunshine Photography

Awaken Your Brand Online Workshop

Encounter In-Person Weekend Workshops

Transcend Retreat

Capture Club Membership

Hi, I'm Jessica Sunshine

I'm a visual strategist for creative brands

In Austin, TX

I teach about how to DIY your branding portraits

And The Capture Club Membership is coming

Here’s the long story about my business and rebrand...

I have been a professional photographer for around 15 years. When I first started my inner voice told me that this was meant to be bigger than just me shooting. I didn't know what this meant exactly, but throughout the years I kept pushing into different directions to find out. None of them worked. And I actually gave up. I was so bummed out about it that I closed down.

I was still shooting though. I was the staff photographer at a non-profit and enjoyed that a lot.

But then I learned about online business, and found the answer to my inner voice. I thought I'd figure it out in no time. However, it's taken me quite awhile to wade through it all. In 2018, I created Photograph Your Brand.

After testing out the program and coming to understand my clients more intimately, I rebranded Photograph Your Brand to Awaken Your Brand.

I named the umbrella business Jessica Sunshine Creative because I will offer more programs to support you in different ways than the just the online workshop.

+ THE TRANSCEND RETREAT is a retreat for the spiritually minded entrepreneur to come together for deep work. You'll also come away with branding portraits, of course.

+ THE ENCOUNTER IN-PERSON WORKSHOP is the live and in-person version of Awaken Your Brand, a weekend workshop where we hammer out your brand and brainstorm your shotlist. We also take branding portraits as we work, of course.

+ THE CAPTURE CLUB is a membership, for those that have a need for a lot of content being an influencer, where I will guide you in DIY'ing one branded portrait every week of the year.

I will be shooting limited engagement branding portrait sessions.

+ Wild At Heart Sessions: Branding portraits for the wild at heart. Bohemians, artists, healers and lightworkers - I will find you by the river, in the wild flowers, under the light of the moon for sessions out in the nature of your soul.

Send Jessica Sunshine Creative and Awaken Your Brand good vibes y'all. This is a LONG TIME COMING. I can't wait to serve you, heed the call I heard so long ago, and experience that feeling I've been dreaming about for a very, very long time: the feeling of success.



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