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Creating Packages

How To Create Packages That Help Brand You and Align With Your Dream Client

Creating an experience is the purpose of a brand. Your brand should have a look and feel that, if done well, can express more than a service or a product, but a lifestyle.

Since I am a photographer, my work with clients begins with your branding photography. As the process unravels clients begin to see a whole lot more than just the potential for their image, but how this total brand experience can be achieved.

Another aspect of aspiring to be a brand rather than just a business is that you will attract your dream clients. That is because you are creating a world unto itself, full of specific language and sensory experiences that express common beliefs. Your people can now find you...it's exciting.

So, back to creating packages. If you see your offerings as an extension of a total experience it is immediately evident that your packages have the potential to reflect and create this brand experience.

Would you rather purchase service X for $20, or would you rather be led through an experience by an expert that enhanced your life through your service?

Being a brand that delivers a palpable experience with a definable outcome that your client can rave about to their friends is the endgame for your business. Rather than just buying, your client is buying into a lifestyle.

When you shift to this way of thinking, your business will elevate into a brand. I'm so excited about that!

For an example of this in action check out the hotel resort Miraval. They provide activity experiences during your stay that induce inner attunement. That is a world apart from the run of the mill resort experience in which you might just go to the spa for a facial.

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Please leave a comment below and share your story of how your packages reflect your amazing, experiential brand experience.



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