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How To Brand Your Website

When you first start your business, a brand isn't the first thing on your mind, I know. But if you give me 10 minutes you can begin the process easily, I promise...

Let me walk you through three ways to brand your website, from day one, even if you don't know your brand yet or have a moment to consider your visual strategy. Here are the 3 things you need to create your brand from Day 1:

  1. Your Color Story

  2. Your Design Aesthetic

  3. A Branding Portrait


A 'color story' is the set of colors you choose that you will use consistently whenever you are creating anything for your business. Color is a great tool in your branding arsenal because it can be used so powerfully to send a message and share who you are. It is like the interior design of a home. Your website is your business' home and needs its own unique color story.

Give your color story some strategy by considering what you do and how you do it. How does your business make people feel? Your color story supports that - color makes people feel a certain way. Aligning these things creates your brand.


Your design aesthetic is how you use graphic design to express your brand. It has the same gravitas as your color story. You can use design to create major impact. What if the home page of your website had your last name in huge black blocky letters that took up the whole screen? That expresses something very different than your name placed subtly in the corner in a scrolly type font.


If your business needs you in order to be a business, like artists, designers or bloggers, you have a "personal brand." What you sell is dependent on you delivering it uniquely. Because you are a personal brand, you need branding portraits. People need to see you.

Make sure your website has a branding portrait of you, or ten!

Here are some resources to get you going

If you can put a few minutes of thought into your color story and your design aesthetic you will be leaps ahead. These two things, and making sure your branding portrait is on your website, are how to brand your website from day one.

COLOR STORY: Plan your brand colors with the help of Canva's great article HERE

DESIGN AESTHETIC: Pair your fonts correctly. HERE is a great resource.

DESIGN AESTHETIC: Use a Wix template to create your website. Design aesthetic is already built in so you can match how you make people feel in what you do to one of their many beautiful templates.

BRANDING PORTRAITS: Learn how to DIY your branding portraits in my online course, Awaken Your Brand. I also offer a shorter weekend-long course HERE.



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