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2018 Year in Review

2018 was the year Photograph Your Brand was birthed into the world. Two rounds of participants ran through the program. I also taught PYB live for the first time.

The Highlights:

>>The TRANSFORMATIONS from PYB students were extraordinary. The aha's, the breakthroughs, the excitement and the energy were all so exciting to witness.

>>The GRATITUDE I received from students was truly surprising. A high level of engagement with the material was my ultimate dream, and that came true through so many students. What I hadn't seen coming was all the love that would boomerang back to me. I only ever thought about what I personally expend in my energy, what I give. I don't know why I didn't remember I might receive as well. Thank you so, so much for all of your kind words, hefty testimonials and private messages. I have the kindest people surrounding me, and for that I am humbled and grateful.

The Lessons:

>>MONEY: Though I am pleased with the number of people who participated, I struggled with pricing. I didn't make any profit in 2018.

>>TIME: The time I had to work was limited having a new baby. I had limited childcare and was trying to sort out how to handle a burgeoning business that I'm still trying to define, while doing the same with my tiny human.

>>MARKETING: I haven't really thought about marketing, as I was just uber focused on ironing out the product. I had a ridiculous fail trying to run a FB ad for my "official launch," which was my sole advertising method plan. However, the ad wouldn't run. I had some setting on wrong and I only figured out how to fix it too late. Facebook has zero customer service. I also tried communicating in various Facebook groups but it felt inauthentic so I didn't follow through. My private spiritual group and email list were the only ones who ever heard about PYB :0.

>>PERSONAL LIFE. I didn't have time to work when the summer hit with all my kids home. From summer into fall my life slid into chaos. I had a complete life meltdown that's too involved and intense to share here. I plan to begin a book about it in 2019. Suffice to say, PYB was completely put on hold. I took it out of the world. I didn't know if it would ever come back...because I didn't know if I would.

Looking Foward:

>>REBRANDING: At the tail end of 2018 I opened my website and a rebranding poured out of me spontaneously. Over the span of the past week or so a complete new look was created, along with a huge upgrade to the copy.

>>WHAT'S IN STORE FOR PYB: During these updates to the website more of the business model was born. 'Transcend' is born, the retreat of PYB where healing work is a part of the curriculum. 'Encounter' is born, the weekend workshop of PYB. And a lot more. I'm still in the weeds as I type this, in high creative mode updating the website. Amidst these activations within me, I am ever cautious as I proceed given my personal life. I'm taking it slow. I learned many lessons and I am trying to now integrate them with care.

>>DREAMS FOR 2019: I hope to facilitate the PYB retreat, Transcend. Can I really pull it off in April of 2019? Perhaps September. I hope to turn the PYB material into a book and workbook. I also hope to write a book about my personal life and journey.

>>MY INTENTIONS FOR 2019: I set an intention at the beginning of each year. In 2018 it was BE SEEN. I think I met that. No, not as fully as I would have hoped but, really, as I look back I met this intention beautifully. It was the year that PYB poked out of the earth and I did my best. I had wanted to have my own branding portraits taken but I have some nasty baby weight hanging on for dear life. How long do donuts really need stay connected to my body??

For 2019 my intention is CONNECTED TO SPIRIT. For those of you who don't know, I am deeply into the Woo. It is an essential part of who I am now. This is the year I will fully surrender to allow spirit to lead the way. I hope to share more of this with you. 2018 was one of the worst years of my life, but along with going into my darkest place I accessed more. I haven't shared these with anyone fully, except my beautiful and miraculous and powerful friend Lindsay. But, I mean fully, and that means I would like to begin writing about my Woo journey and experiences.

It's bizarre I haven't yet. I love to write and these things are huge but so far I've closeted it... As I type at this very moment I know the reasons I have not yet shared. First, fear of being judged. Second, since I have been in a learning state for some time I was vulnerable. This year though I have shifted into my own power. I remembered my power, and I experienced new power coming online. I wish I could share it all with you right now.

2018 Gifts:

Thank you Lindsay for the gift of your friendship. I could not have made it through 2018 without you. And to my friends Sheri, Carmen and Muray.

Thank you Tory for your mediumship training session you did for me.

Thank you Cheryl for your vision session you did for me.

Thank you to Heny for letting me host PYB Live in your beautiful space.

Thank you to everyone who participated in PYB and allowed this program to shine into your life, and light up the world.

Thank you to my Woo sisters who surrounded me with love. There are so many of you.

Thank you to Spirit who saved my life, and gives me the most profound gifts in the inner realm and beyond.

Thank you to my daughters who amazed me through the darkest days with their light drawing me to shore. I learned even more about them.

Thank you to you for reading this, PYB Unicorns and new Unicorns who are just finding the oasis.

I would love to hear your 2018 year in review! Please post it below, PM me, email me, call me, however we connect. 2019 with you by my side! We ride!





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