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What Is Your Branding Quotient?

The Brand Alignment Quiz will show you how much YOU is in your business.


This quiz is designed to help you see where your alignment falls on a spectrum. Where are you right now? What are your next steps?

I had run my photography business for 10 years and then I ended up closing up shop because I created a business that didn't truly reflect who I am. Instead of branding myself based on my distinct and unique self, I followed industry trends. I listened to others instead of myself. I marched to someone else's drum rather than my own.

What that looked like is a photography business that felt like everyone else's. The same pricing and offering structure. The same perky voice in my copy.

Weaving your heart and soul into your business is how you evolve from business-as-usual into a BRAND, and how you ultimately create something you really and truly love, instead of something that will grow stale if you are copying catting industry marketing trends.

When you are a brand you are connected to your mission, and that is the way to avoid burn out.


The result tallies a percentage of how much you that is really showing up as in your business. This percentage number is your BRANDING QUOTIENT.

It's like your IQ but instead it's your BQ.

This calibration point is also helpful if you take the workshop I offer. You can take it before you begin to gauge your growth in the workshop. What other program can measure your success? It's called AWAKEN YOUR BRAND and you can check it out HERE.


Can't wait to see your quiz result!

xo, Sunshine



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