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I Had a Baby...

Meet Mateo, aka 'The Stowaway.' He is a BUNDLE OF JOY. Turns out having another baby after 8 years when you have older kids is a formula for success. He has brought our family to another level!

I had the best of intentions to keep working and launch during the pregnancy. But my personal goals and the The Stowaway's weren't synced up.

The Stowaway wreaked havoc on my energy in 2017 and PYB grinded to a halt.

I felt like a shell. My brain turned completely off. All of my life force was being channeled into making this little guy. It was well worth it, of course, and I'm now back to myself completely. I made a little progress with PYB but not as much as I hoped with the prenatal issues. The baby was born in August and then I entered into a pretty rocky post-natal period. I was in the ER hemorrhaging. All of the issues resolved just fine...but this magical bean OWNED me in 2017.

He's 5 months old now. His personality is ridiculous - kick dancing, giggling, baby talking - he's a true angel. This is my third child. My others are 11 and 8. I had 2 natural labors previously. I decided to opt for an epidural this time around because I experienced birth trauma, meaning I was in high anxiety about giving birth again because the last two were extremely painful. Those women who labor like goddesses...ummmm, that's not me. Pain and I do not get along. We're sworn enemies at this point.

Anyway, the epidural had it's own set of cons but I had NO PAIN so I achieved my goal. He was born in 4 hours (just like my other two)!

Now I'm diving into PYB again & ready to change the world with you. Are you in? There will be two beta cohorts; the first begins Jan. 15 and the second on Jan. 29.


More details coming soon...



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