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music loving, wine drinking, mama of 3.

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hi, nice to meet you. i'm sunshine.

I'm a professional photographer and visual strategist. I help you hone in on how to condense yourself into the brand that is You. When you do this, you will adore your business, your life and your clients. Triple threat. The best part is that we do this together, simple, easy and light.

I'm a mama of 3 from the Midwest. I started out in the movie business in Los Angeles then met my husband and shifted my life to being a photographer in Texas. Now my passion is helping other creative business owners go after their dreams - by helping you DIY your brand and portraits.


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Take DIY photos like an Instagram Influencer. Your branding portraits will set you apart from Day One.


aligned clients


It's time to (finally) start attracting & working with dream clients with the power of branding portraits. 


your purpose


It's time to pursue your higher purpose. With intention in your branding portraits you will manifest it into being.

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Want to find out how aligned you are in your business? This quiz will help you gauge how far into the branding game you are, and then guide you in your next steps, wherever you are.

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How to Take a Branding Portrait

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Ready to start showing up as your brand but have no idea where to begin? This free 5-day course will walk you through everything you need to start. We'll cover what you need to get started, step-by-step how to take a branded portrait, and what to do next with your portraits. No photography experience, or special equipment, required!

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Creative courses that will guide you in taking your first DIY branding portrait and getting to the next level in your business.

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