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Visual Branding Audit

The Evolution of Lindsay's Brand

AYB goes much deeper than just "getting ready for the pic." I regularly watch students discover and grow into their truest self and most authentic brand. Lindsay is another star student who has worked through AYB over a two year period.


Read along through the captions to follow her complete business and brand transformation, shown so well through the progression of these branding photos.

This is very very first pic I used when I started a business. It's beautiful but generic: I could be any random mommy blogger.
I had my first shoot with a photographer in 2016, when I started my business. I absolutely loved the pictures and used them for several years, but eventually I outgrew them and wanted my brand to have more impact. That's when I did AYB.
I took a new headshot at the outset of AYB. I took it with my iPhone on a tripod in selfie mode in front of my living room wall.
Then came my "Rebel Mystic" concept through AYB. I hired a photographer. I never loved the results. It just showcased the photographer's point of view and not my own, and it also showed me where my brand imagery still needed some work.
I took a new batch of selfies, which I loved even more, but the quality wasn't high enough to use on my website, so I kept experimenting.
I changed my hair and tried a half dozen different versions of my website and my business. Again, I took a few selfies, which I loved, but they were in drastic contrast to what I'd done before and didn't feel authentic to my brand.
Finally, I scouted out my dream location and took my tripod and phone to try some new photos. And I absolutely loved them.
I took my husband back with his DSLR camera and a variety of lenses and I directed the shot. In less than 2 hours we had hundreds of photos that were stunning. (This is what the raw, unedited version looks like.)
To complete the feel of the Rebel Mystic brand, I used basic photo editing capabilities on my iPhone and the photo app Quickshot to create the effects. I then used the app Pixaloop to create the lens flare video effect, and voila.
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In Lindsay's Words

“Awaken Your Brand changed absolutely everything about my business, but more importantly, it helped me discover my true self—and because of this, it truly changed my life. Sunshine has a powerful gift for seeing the highest potential in others, and through this online workshop, she has created a way for you to discover and convey the hidden potential in yourself. 

I did not know when I began AYB that I would be going far beyond images; I was going on a journey to find the truth about who I am and what I bring to the world. Through the incredible AYB experience, and with Jessica Sunshine’s brilliant and soulful guidance showing me the way, my brand was born after years of confusion and struggle to get my business off the ground.


In the end I was not only able to create the visuals that convey my essence and powerfully represent my brand, I was able to completely DIY my photo shoot, with phenomenal results! Now, my business is flourishing, and I couldn’t be happier with my brand. I am truly living the life of my dreams.”

Lindsay Maxfield



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