“An explosion of inspiration on so many levels. This extends far beyond photography. I gained insight about my copy and offerings as well. I see how my personal branding and my business could evolve. I feel like a new version of my business is born!"

—  Annick Ina, Book Doula

Amy Isaman

Entwine Web Design

"I totally recommend AYB. It’s such an incredible program. My favorite features were writing my manifesto and creating shot cards. I wanted to actually create a brand and I didn’t know how to create images that reflected a brand that I didn’t know how to define. 


There is nothing else like AYB! I LOVE that I ended the program with a concrete outcome. 

After this course I was actually thinking of starting an Instagram!!! That’s HUGE!!! I’m way more comfortable with all of this. I have a direction and a framework that feels like me and I have a confidence boost.


I'm redoing my website which is one of the reasons I wanted to do AYB. It's been SO much easier to put together, so huge gratitude and hugs Jessica Sunshine Christian!!! This course has been so great!!!! Thank you thank you thank you."


“Sunshine has an uncanny ability to see straight to the soul of those she photographs. She understands how to capture authenticity while also respecting and supporting your brand. She photographed my retreat at Miraval in Arizona and perfectly captured so many wonderful photos that were all on-brand. If you’ve ever wondered how to blend integrity, artistry, and brand messaging, Sunshine is your go-to expert!”

—  Heather Hubbard, Life & Law

Cheryl Rozovsky

Energy Architect & Healer

"AYB is amazing!! Everything is laid out in a very clear and easy to follow process. I feel you holding my hand the whole way through. And you were incredibly active in the FB group which was AMAZING. I feel confident in my ability now to create a website and branding shots that are totally aligned with me and my brand. 

I feel safe to be me! In the past, I thought I'd have to really dress up and create 'perfect' shots for my site but now I feel like I can wear my fuscia converse and ripped jeans and just be me! I don't have to wear a suit to be me. 


I've got tons of inspiration now. I've got location ideas, and colour and wardrobe and prop ideas floating in my head! EXCITING.


Your perspective is fresh and inspired. I feel your incredible energy put into every sentence you've written and THIS inspired me. I LOVED creating my manifesto; very powerful! It's not so much that the information was new but rather your way of putting it all together and sharing it with great passion. That's what has inspired me to continue forward.”


—  Kelly Martin, Martin Career Services

"Oh my gosh - I LOVED the visual strategy module! I've NEVER done anything like this in detail. I just thought I would wear something professional so I look "legit" but it's soooo much more than that. I can now be more intentional, prepared, and confident going in to a photoshoot and looking for a photographer."

Victoria Cunningham

Stretch Body Mind Yoga & Coach

"I am in love with this course! It is so much more than a branding programme. It's also a personal development education with one of the most supportive Facebook groups I've ever encountered.


I never thought a program about taking brand photographs would dive so deeply into my psyche and reveal to me what my brand really is.


I loved all of the exercises (even the challenging questionnaires) and I especially loved the support and camaraderie of the Facebook group.


I've come away with so many ideas and can't wait to meet my photographer (this week - eek!). I am getting my first professional photo shoot tomorrow and am armed with the correct props, clothes, make-up and backdrop ideas. I feel in control.


AYB was so much more than I thought it would be and I'd gladly do it again."


—  Lindsay Maxfield, Psychic & Healer

"AYB made me realize that even though the brand I have created is beautiful and impeccable, it's not ME. Not even close. I need more leather jackets and brick walls! More cuss words! Big time breakthrough."

Emily Maher

Meaning Method, Writing Coach

"I went into AYB thinking I knew nothing about photography, and all of my visuals on my website would be mediocre - to having a starter stash of pictures and being genuinely excited to play around with old and new pics.

More than anything, branding is demystified for me, in a way that is authentic and makes room for growth.

AYB is truly transformational. I was absolutely blocked about how to visually brand my website, and I was literally trembling to get new photos taken! AYB held my hand, step by step through the visual side of branding my website with supportive dialogue along the way. Her mentoring not only got me calm in front of the camera but showed me how to incorporate photos I'd had for years into my brand. This gave me the confidence to move forward and now I couldn't be MORE excited to launch, and I use photos from the challenge in all my social posts. Like I said, truly and deeply transformational."

Katharina Zuleger

Soul & Business Coach

"I took away a clear understanding of what I am going to do for my next photoshoot and how I am different in my industry. That is super awesome. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jessica Sunshine Christian!


I know that I will have to take new pictures soon. I didn't have a clear perspective on branding portraits. I think for a long time I was focused on looking good or professional. I couldn't see the bigger picture and the power I can use.

I am really inspired and clear about my next photoshooting. I will express my uniqueness and who I am with more fun and intention than ever. I will do it in an old workshop with machines and sawdust. And if I am really bold, I will wear a Matrix-like black coat and have 2 pills in my hand, a red one and a blue one.


I loved your dedicated personal support. You are so encouraging and supportive. Wonderful experience. I think you have a heart of gold. Your work is infused by your love.”

April Foy

I started your course with one idea and ended with a completely different one. I was still branding myself in a way that was NOT authentic to who I really am. I guess I kept thinking that being a coach/therapist meant I had to be professional in all ways. Now I know that I could be that professional coach and be myself. I will not be everyone's cup of tea and I am okay with that.

I kept thinking that my audience is something generic like “people going through the end of a relationship” but I don’t want to reach the GENERICS! I was writing my copy, logo, etc. for the wrong audience. If I had continued then I would always be serving the wrong group of people and I am sure I would have gotten burned out; always serving a group that wasn't really who I want to surround myself with.

What I really LOVED about this course is YOUR personal brainstorming with me via Facebook. I loved being able to go back and forth with you and the other members. 


I do have some experience with branding portraits but not at the depth you dived. I understand the method to your madness now. It's really deep work. You did a great job explaining in a way that is easy and fun and will make people excited to try it out for themselves and their branding. 

Janet Wayland

UI/UX & Web Designer

"AYB is a wonderful course designed to help you get into the root of who you are and what you offer in the world. Even if you think you have your business defined, this course helps you discover brilliant insights and a-ha moments to uplevel your brand to its juiciest, and completely align it with who you are.


Jessica is masterful at guiding you along the way and leading intimate brainstorming sessions. If you are thinking about joining this course, don't hesitate!"

Cathy Cochrane

Whole Health Services

"The insights I've had into how *I* am reflected in my business have been incredible. Jessica has a way of asking just the right question to allow for introspection. The AYB formula is like a magic wand that brings out all the beauty of who I am and the relevance of how it applies to my business. Branding is such a misnomer here - it's not an image of what my business should be that's imposed onto me, it's drawing out the parts of me that relate to my business.


Up until now I've avoided professional photos because I don't want to end up with a bunch of stock-type images that reflect my profession but not my spirit. I'm now ready to dive into that! This has been so much fun!


Having done all that legwork in Module 1, the ideas for shots are coming up a lot more easily than I expected and take very little thought - it's intuitive, natural. This will save me a lot of time and energy when I eventually sit down with a photographer.

They say the beauty of a good story is all about “show don’t tell” - this course does both!

Being in the group setting of the course multiplies that learning 10-fold. Getting concrete feedback from many others as well as being able to add my own 2 cents to what I see in their work are what allowed me to fully digest and assimilate the learning. The insights and visual hits that Jessica has, along with the feedback and cheerleading and the power of the hive-mind in the Facebook group, were the magic dust to really bring this process alive. I couldn't have done it without the support of a group of women who get what I'm about.

Julia Gersen

"I think my biggest fear about branding portraits was that I wouldn't be able to come up with anything or hone in on any themes and consistency. This was definitely alleviated with PYB. Though challenging at times, the course really does make you dig deeper for ideas, and get them down on paper. The creativity gets sparked and I began to see how the process would work and how, now that I have gone through the process, I can continue using the ideas to create more as my business grows and shifts.


The examples were the best part for me. They helped me feel like I understood better what I was trying to create. Both the links to outside sources, the images presented, and the actual verbiage for examples underneath the response boxes all helped really define what was being asked."

Victoria Teasdale

Stress Consultant at TheImperfect.Me

"For the first time, everything is coming together in a cohesion of a brand that represents (and makes sense to) me.  I've had bits and bats of training but nothing to pull it together. AYB is giving me the foundations from which to approach everything business.  It's not just about colours and symbols but what comes before all of that. You've been able to extract from me the very essence of my business and allow me to put it into words, words which can then be translated into visuals. 

Having the foundational understanding has given me further confidence in my message that confidence has helped me find my voice and become more visible online. Today I was outright asked if I would coach two people who commented on a comment I left.  The comment was not a sales pitch but a description of what I do for work. I don't even have my website live yet. To have clients come to YOU just from talking about your passion is the philosophers stone of brand messaging.  Jessica, you nailed it!


I just had that exhilarating 'quick, stop before your brain actually explodes' feeling of thousands of connections and realisations happening at once whilst filling in the questions in your course. You're magic."

Megan Grow McCourt

Picture This Photo Solutions

"I’d done a branding archetype session with a local coach. I never did much with the knowledge and understanding. What your program has helped me do is to actually start to use this knowledge and truth for branding my business.

One of the major a-ha’s is to realize that I truly need to be me in my photos. You’ve made me realize it’s OK to be me. As down-to-earth and plain as I may seem, that’s ME and I shouldn’t try to be anything other than that. 


I feel more connected to my "why" and what makes me unique. I’ve struggled to figure out the unique part for five years!!!


Thank you for designing a program that has allowed me to uncover so much in so little time and that has attracted some pretty spectacular people that I’m excited to call my tribe.Your interaction and support in the Facebook group has been outstanding. Far more than I’ve ever experienced in any other program I’ve participated in. I don’t believe there’s another course out there remotely the same as yours. AYB has been such a joy! Mind-blowing, eye-opening, truly fascinating!



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