your personal brand assessment

a personalized written report and consultation

what is a personal brand assessment?

For the burgeoning brand, I will review your website and provide insights on how to uplevel your unique brand in a written report.

During this report I will take a "look under the hood," to audit your online presence in order to provide valuable insight on ways to improve your visual branding with branding portraits, insight on how to infuse your personal brand into your online presence, and how to move the dial forward to take your business to the next level.


hi, nice to meet you. i'm sunshine.

I'm a professional photographer and visual strategist. I help you hone in on how to condense yourself into the brand that is You. When you do this, you will adore your business, your life and your clients. Triple threat. The best part is that we do this together; simple, easy and light.

I'm a mama of 3 from the Midwest. I started out in the movie business in Los Angeles then met my husband and shifted to being a photographer in Texas. Now my passion is helping other creative business owners go after their dreams.

how it works

You will receive a 10+ page written audit providing valuable advice on ways to improve your online presence with branding portraits, and insights into your branding and visual strategy moving forward.


I will creatively and clearly convey ways to improve your website with a total breakdown of why and how.


You will learn more than you expected.

what's included


We will begin by assessing where your visual strategy is landing right now by breaking down each and every part of your online presence to see if you are communicating your message clearly, and visually.


Do you have one? What are your current areas of strength, and also areas that need improvement?


We will hone in on your style to find your brand voice.

Identify your brand signature style

Find your brand voice and cater to your client’s persona

Increase quality leads to your target market

Grow your audience engagement

Create real relationships that drive business

book your brand assessment


Your brand assessment is $299 and includes an introductory questionnaire, 10+ page written report and follow up consultation in which we will go over everything in your assessment.


You will receive 25% off your enrollment in the signature workshop Awaken Your Brand as a Brand Assessment client.

And, keep your eyes open for more goodies in the intro swag bag email. 

who needs a brand assessment?

If you are a burgeoning brand, a brand assessment is a need, not a want, for a solopreneur. We operate as a team of zero on a normal day and that means we have a myopic view of our brand, or lack thereof, most assuredly.

The power of this consultation is having someone on your team with a fresh set of eyes to guide you toward a stronger version of the future of your business.

Take a look at the "results" page on my website to understand the clarity and growth my clients have after working together. 

I will most certainly tell you that you need branding portraits. That's assumed. But I will also help you begin to think about what to look for in a photographer and what you need to be telling your photographer to get the results you want.

But the assessment digs more deeply than branding portraits. We really do get into the guts of your business with specific details. We break down how, exactly, to move forward.

You WILL move the needle after our consultation, if you take action on what we uncover. 

So, don't book this assessment as a kind of sit back and chill and let someone figure stuff out for you kind of deal. This is about how to help you move the dial and move your business forward in a big way with the actions you take in implementation after we work together.

That means you are:

  • Serious about taking action and implementing 

  • Ready to book a branding portrait session with a photographer

  • Willing to rework your website

  • Open to a constructive look at your business and brand

If you are busting at the seams and are saying a big "hell yes" to all of that, let's do this! 






PS: If $299 is too much, don't. Don't book. I've been that spot where $299 might as well be $299,000. If you are in that place, read my blog and all the content on my website, and take my low cost introductory course. It's $29. And email me if you have a specific question. I am here for you.

PSS: If you are asking yourself, why don't I just hire a photographer straight away and skip this? My reply to this is that usually a photographer won't deep dive with you in this same way, in a holistic sense. Even in a photographic sense, you will gain a lot just from our conversation about what to look for in a photographer and most importantly how to communicate with your photographer to get a more impactful result.



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