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How To Create Packages That Help Brand You and Align With Your Dream Client

Creating an experience is the purpose of a brand. Your brand should have a look and feel that, if done well, can express more than a service or a product, but a lifestyle.

Since I am a photographer, my work with clients begins with your branding photography. As the process unravels clients begin to see a whole lot more than just the potential for their image, but how this total brand experience can be achieved.

Another aspect of aspiring to be a brand rather than just a business is that you will attract your dream clients. That is because you are creating a world unto itself, full of specific language and sensory experiences that express common beliefs. Your people can now find's exciting.

So, back to creating packages. If you see your offerings as an extension of a total experience it is immediately evident that your packages have the potential to reflect and create this brand experience.

Would you rather purchase service X for $20, or would you rather be led through an experience by an expert that enhanced your life through your service?

Being a brand that delivers a palpable experience with a definable outcome that your client can rave about to their friends is the endgame for your business. Rather than just buying, your client is buying into a lifestyle.

When you shift to this way of thinking, your business will elevate into a brand. I'm so excited about that!

For an example of this in action check out the hotel resort Miraval. They provide activity experiences during your stay that induce inner attunement. That is a world apart from the run of the mill resort experience in which you might just go to the spa for a facial.

Drop me a line if you'd like help designing your packages for your brand:



Please leave a comment below and share your story of how your packages reflect your amazing, experiential brand experience.

  • Jessica Sunshine

Starting a new business is an exciting time. I will share how I set up my creative business as a freelancer sole proprietorship.

First things first, I am a photographer and visual branding strategist. My insight is directed toward other creative service-based solopreneurs. This article is meant to get you up and running as fast as possible. You can spend months and months researching and trying out different things to see what fits you best. I have spent yearssssss doing just that...yes, that's my procrastination method of choice! I hope I can spare you the torture I have been through deciding on all the things I will share with you now.

There are three stages to setting up your business: the purely logistical, your web presence and your branding presence.


Registering your business is the first step to setting up your business. This allows you to pay taxes. It is a simple process. You will need to decide what type of business to set up. The most obvious is a DBA. This is the least expensive and straight-forward. However, I personally recommend setting up as an LLC because if you are sued your personal assets are not at stake. An LLC costs several hundred dollars a year.

Once you are on the map with your city and state you will need to start paying attention to your accounting. Setting up an accounting system is your next step. At the very least start an excel spreadsheet and write down what you are spending and what you are earning. I personally use the free accounting software, Wave.

Next, how will people reach you? I chose gmail to host my email and I recommend that highly. It costs $6/month. For calls, I use my personal cell phone, but you will need to be vigilant about how you answer your phone and your outgoing voicemail message. Perhaps you might not even have a phone option at first, and just have people reach you through email or a web form.

Lastly, you will need to sort out how you will accept payment. Personally, I used Paypal. I find it easy to generate a Paypal payment button and place the code into my Wix website. If that sounds hard, it isn't. It's a simple copy/paste. There are tutorials to step you through it.


Where you set up your website is a very important decision because once you dive in with a certain one, you are in it for the long haul. Many people use Wordpress. I used that for a very long time but switched to Wix. (A very popular alternative to Wix is Squarespace.)

I prefer Wix over Wordrpress because Wordpress was a little too complex for my taste. Wix and Squarespace are template builders and require a significantly reduced learning curve and upkeep on the backend.

BONUS: How will you reach people? I highly recommend setting up a way to capture email addresses on your website and communicating regularly. I use Mailchimp and highly recommend it. It is simple to set up, dependable and an excellent company.


Your branding is where your creativity can begin to take root in your business. What look will your website have? In what voice will you communicate with your followers in your copy? Yes, you need a logo, but creating a logo and a mission statement do not a brand make. Your branding presence is a total experience. To get started, I have created an online workshop that culminates into DIY'ing your branding portraits. Along the way you will become very versed in all things branding, in order to nail a branding portrait.

Errr, what are "branding portraits?" Branding portraits are portraits of you that express your brand. Are you a sweet, nurturing soul or more complex and exotic? You should have images of you on your website that express who you are, because you are your brand. Who you are and what you love should come through in these images. These qualities are the building blocks of your brand. Yes, what you provide to your customers is important, but that is not a brand. You create an experience - that is a brand - and your portraits are an important piece of your total brand package.


Register your business: DBA or LLC

Domain name registration: GoDaddy

Accept Payment: Paypal

Website Builder: Wix

Accounting: Wave

Email Provider: Gmail for business

Phone: Personal phone with appropriate outgoing voicemail

Newsletters: Mailchimp

Branding: My workshop, Awaken Your Brand

Logo Generator: Wix, Canva

I'm so excited for you and your new business. Shoot me an email and tell me all about it:



  • Jessica Sunshine

Don't make these three mistakes when planning your brand...

Getting your business started is a different animal altogether than getting your brand started. Your business is the service or product you provide and all the logistics of providing it.

Your brand is the experience of your business: how you make your customers feel, how you become memorable, and will hopefully help you generate word of mouth.

Let me quickly share the top 3 mistakes I've seen my clients make when getting started with their branding.

First, don't expect that your brand will be a finished product on your first attempt. Your brand is a discovery process. You will set it up with your initial ideas but with feedback and tweaking it will develop and grow.

Your brand is a like a high-schooler. You begin as a freshman full of hopes and expectations. You express yourself uniquely. But as we all know, who you are a freshman compared to a senior is a whole different game. So will be your experience as a brand. Embrace the process.

Second, don't automatically expect your branding photographer will nail your brand in a photoshoot. Rather, your photographer needs to be guided. You are the only one that understands your brand, especially in the beginning. Don't show up to your shoot and expect the photographer will have a vision for your brand. She will not - unless that is - you tell it to her.

(I've actually created a workshop to help you do just that FYI. It's over HERE.)

Third, your brand is not just a logo, matching fonts and a cohesive color scheme. Your brand is a total experience that you are expected to lead your followers through. You will gently educate as to how to experience you, your business and your brand. This is how you create a distinctive, memorable and impactful brand. Hop into my workshop for help with this, too.



I can't wait to hear all about how your business is setting out to become a brand. Send me an email at



I will help put you in the driver's seat of your visual strategy, but you will be blown away how much ground we cover. Instagram feeds, here we come!

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