A Branding Workshop for Extraordinary Women

You need pictures of you

Awaken Your Brand is a self-study workshop for creating your personal brand as you define yourself in branding portraits.

The result is to transform from business as usual to an identifiable brand.

You might be just getting started in your business, or you might have your business up and running. What's relevant is that you are a personal brand no matter WHAT stage of business you are at, and that means you need images that show who you really are. 

What is this ever-elusive "branding" anyway? You don't have thousands to spend on a photographer or branding experts.


The AYB workshop is the answer.


You will nail your personal brand, and come out the other side with tangible images to show for it.

"Start where you are..." No budget or thousands to spend, AYB is right for for any budget because your brand is you. Together, we'll create your brand. That means you are connecting with your audience and competition is an idea of the past because there is no one like you.

You will awaken your brand.



Branding portraits are images of you photographed in a way that connects to your ideal clients by reflecting the essential elements of your personality, while telling a visual story about your business.

Getting an image worth a thousand words is a deliberate act. It takes time to dig deep to find the gems that you will polish into your voice, message and style that become your brand.

This is truly a journey within to transform, build the foundation of your brand, and understand the mechanics of attracting ideal clients.

Branding portraits are the essential element in differentiating yourself, and going from bland to brand in business.

Awaken Your Brand is for solopreneurs, like...

Bloggers, Artists, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, Photographers, Authors, Healers and Professional Intuitives, Online Entrepreneurs, WAHM'S, Crafters, Etsy Sellers, Stylists, Graphic Designers, and more...

created by a


HELLO, I AM JESSICA SUNSHINE. I was a photographer for 10 years and completely missed the personal branding train. Woops! I honestly didn't even know about it. But now I do, and the ah-ha's are so major that I wanted to lasso this confusing branding issue and make it understandable and easy to implement. You don't have to hire a branding's all here.

I created Awaken Your Brand in order for these important branding breakthroughs to be accessible to all. It's that important. But, my clients say working with me was pivotal in their development.

I've spent my life behind and in front of the camera; from modeling, acting, the movie business, then running an award-winning photography business for 10+ years. And now I've spent the last three years refocusing on what has become Awaken Your Brand. I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey with YOU.

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It's never mattered more to be yourself than with the movement of personal branding.

Just be you...?

Just be you.

That's the most important thing to remember in the photos of you for your business.


But, how do you do it?


How do you know what to show? That's precisely what you'll learn here.

Let's get creative.

You need pictures for your website. Pictures for your newsletters. Your blog posts. Your social media channels.


That's a lot of pictures.

And you need strategy to make sure you're not sharing your kids and your dog AGAIN.


The Awaken Your Brand system pumps out not only your brand but also your branded pictures.


Because snapping selfies, and booking a session with a photographer, is a terrible idea if you don't understand your brand.


HOW could your photographer nail your pictures if you can't tell her about your brand? 


She can't.


Awaken Your Brand is here to solve that problem. 

Let's get started.





This system will guide you in creating your personal brand and putting your heartbeat into your business. If you're new to your business, or you've been at it a decade like I had before I figured this all out, you're in the right place. These concepts will help you stop spinning your wheels. You will create your brand, develop a shot list that you can take to any photographer and be guaranteed images that authentically capture you to use on your website, social media and in all of your content. And you will learn how YOU can take your own branding portraits, because sometimes bootstrapping is real. 


What makes you, you? You will learn to package up your uniquely identifiable traits. Sharing yourself from the inside out is the plan. In this step you will create your personal brand. 


Now that you've got all those YOU pieces in place, you've got to do something with them. You will shape the elements of your personal branding homework into the tangible.

  • Create your visual branding language

  • Elements of effective branding portraits


In step 3 you will learn how to DIY your branding portraits. You will be armed with your shot list, and a community behind you for inspiration.

  • How to take your own branding portraits

  • Simple lighting

  • Photography and Editing 101

  • How to hire a photographer

  • Styling and Makeup


DIY Shoot Challenges

Guided visualizations


Mastermind Facebook group

Dreamboard Creation

Social Media Challenges

Focus on your website 

What's Inside

The Awaken Your Brand workshop guides you through your transformation. Step One lays your foundation. It is essential to do this work so that in Step Two you will have a goldmine worth of material to design your branding portraits. It will be simple and FUN taking your photos in Step Three because you will have a solid, authentic, personalized roadmap to work from.





The beginning of your brand transformation begins with understanding the fundamentals of personal branding. You'll easily grasp these concepts, and then turn them into your visual strategy.


The heart of everything is your shot list. You'll be guided on how to develop shot ideas that infuse your personality into your brand, which is how you get instant connection to your audience.


Now that you know what to shoot, you're ready to take your branding portraits. No budget, no problem. I'll share tips and tricks on no budget, as well as guide you on how to hire a photographer.

Breakthroughs guaranteed


"Incredible! I’ve been in biz for 5 years & have never made as many breakthroughs as I have doing your exercises!"

This extends far beyond photography - I gained insight about my copy and offerings as well. I feel like a new version of my business is born!" 

"I’ve been celebrating my unconventionality all week thanks to you, Jessica, and all the quirky, brilliant, raw, real women in this workshop."


start today


AYB was created to help you transform and transcend in your business.

It was created so can do it affordably, immediately and fast.

There is never a launch date. AYB is always available. Start right now.

DIY branding portrait by AYB alumni Victoria Teasdale. 

See more student work >>

Breakdown of a Branding Portrait


Frequently asked questions

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is self-paced, so how long you decide to take to move through the material is completely in your hands.

Will I need to buy additional equipment for the DIY lessons?

That is up to you. Everyone who takes this program will come in with their own interest and skill level. No matter what "level" you are at, the program adapts to you. Equipment suggestions are made for those that are ready for that, or continue to use your phone to DIY. You will need to purchase a tripod at the bare minimum, which is a nominal expense.

What if I can't figure out how to do something?

If you hit a snag as you go along, there are a few things you can do. First, ask your question in the AYB Facebook group. Still having trouble? Email

What If I enroll in AYB, but something comes up and I can't get to it for awhile?

Your purchase price allows lifetime access to the workshop, all updates, and the AYB Facebook group for as long as it exisits. If you join and are delayed in starting, just hop on in when your schedule allows.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds are not available.



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