You've been in business awhile now & you know your stuff. But you haven't yet created your brand. Let's do this.

Everything You Need To Have Aligned Clients

Align Your

Existing Business

You've been in business awhile now & you know your stuff. But you haven't yet created your brand. Let's do this.

Everything You Need To Have Aligned Clients

Align Your

Existing Business

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After I had been in business a couple years I had passed through the stage of proving that I was good at what I do and that people wanted what I had to offer. That stage of business is a very real proving ground that everyone goes through.

After getting through this stage you see that your basic needs are met, and you start thinking about the next stage of evolution in business: how to stop working SO hard taking on ALL the jobs coming your way.

You want to perfect and refine so that your work is delightful, not draining.

That is the work done here.


In my journey I didn't figure how to evolve during this stage and I kept going and going and going until my business halted to a close when I stumbled into burnout. I was a decade in when this happened.

Ironically, after I hit this wall, I began the journey of alignment. I decided to pivot my business to bring THIS work to you, because I want to help others get around the bend on personal branding.


I didn't hear about a single thing that could've helped me build the business of my dreams in that decade. I was busy building a business - not a brand - which meant one thing: dollars earned.


Maybe a coach could help with this...?? I certainly didn't know any. I just *didn't know* that "business of your dreams" equated to being a brand. Woops.

I went deep into this next chapter of my journey. It was several years learning, attending conferences, photographing branding portraits exclusively, and running clients through this work.


And a healthy dose of terror, to be honest, because I wasn't sure at any given moment if I was a branding photographer or just what exactly as I weaved and bobbed through this terrain. 

What I will share with you now is the work of branding. Branding is the energetics of a business, and it is absolutely important to set them up.


It is how alignment happens. Alignment is when you are attracting and working with your ideal clients. (And in the mainstream is referred to as "personal branding.") 

At its essence personal branding is showing and telling what you believe. Doing so instantly connects you to your aligned clients.


There's more to it: Then you tell your story. The way you do your work, and why you do your work that way, this is your story.

This is the work of aligning yourself with like-minded clients.

Personal branding is different than branding a corporate or large or mid-size business. Personal branding is branding your skills, talents and personality. The business you run couldn't exist without--you.


Think coach, nutritionist, artists, healers and psychics, musicians, graphic designers, and any solopreneur.

An instant connection without ever having met is what you're after. 

Let's talk branding portraits. That's my corner of the store.


These are images that you will place on your website and social media that show the real you. They are part and parcel to your branding.


You might have gotten professional photos taken before. But these aren't necessarily branding portraits. You will know right away if they didn't work because you ended up with something that didn't resonate. 


Most people rush into their photo session solely concerned with how they look, then going through the session smiling in each different pose.

This is not the work of a branding portrait. Branding requires forethought and a dose of strategy.

Are you a wild dreamer living by the seat of your pants? Or prim and proper and dressed just so, always on time?

Your branding portraits need to reflect that.

Not turn you into the homogeneous every-woman. The #girlboss #ladyboss cookie cutter fad of the moment version of what the solopreneur looks like at the #tribeconference sitting at a colorful cafe with her laptop.


There is nothing wrong with portraits like these. My motto is 'something is better than nothing,' however what we are talking about is ALIGNMENT. A beginner will get away with this without skinned knees.

But you will not be aligning with your dream clients if you aren't showing your true colors and being your weird self.

Working with a branding portrait photographer is about focusing in on who you are, who you want to become, your brand mission, your ideal client and why you are in business.


This will all come across and align you with your ideal client.

Through a discovery process, your branding portraits will reveal how you are unique. They will create instant connection, telling your story and showing your values visually. 

If you are at this stage in your business, congratulations! For two reasons, you rock at what you do, AND you are HERE. 

I'm so proud of you and excited to share this work with you, which means I will stand beside you in your transformation.

The best part is that it's all free and will conveniently land softly in your inbox in our free email series.

In this email series I will show you the mechanics of a branding portrait. You will come to understand how having a branded portrait is essential to:

Attract and align with your ideal client

When you started your business you had a dream. Let's take it to the finish line.


Learn how to attract aligned clients in our free email course:

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